Why Firms Value CFP Certification

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional demonstrates to clients and potential clients a commitment to professionalism and that she or he has met rigorous competency, ethics and professional practice standards to provide comprehensive financial planning services.

Value of CFP Certification

Mr.Gautam Chikermane, Executive Editor -Business, Hindustan Times.


What is a Finacial Planner?

Kelley Keehn discusses the importance of working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERĀ® professional.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

There are several qualifications offered by us that allow you to enter the financial services industry in financial planning or wealth management roles.

Risk management

Our qualifications in Risk Management covers a gamut of professional certifications that lead to successful and rewarding careers in risk and compliance roles in large financial services organizations.


Our training programmes allow you to clear examinations in Banking that are highly valued by both public sector and private sector banks.

Investment Operation

Our qualifications in Operations are the most highly sought after qualifications in the areas of administration and operations in the financial services industry.


Our programmes in Insurance leads you to earn professional certifications that lead to successful and rewarding careers in technical roles in insurance in large insurance companies across the globe.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate training programmes are the one of a kind in India that allows you to earn qualifications that lead to successful and rewarding careers in the booming real estate sector within the country.

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